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HypOxygen and Don Whitley Scientific Support Keystone Symposia


HypOxygen and Don Whitley Scientific are sponsoring a series of Keystone Symposia dealing with tumor micro environment (Vancouver), mitochondria and metabolism (Santa Fe), and immunity and inflammation (Olympic Valley). We are interested in the research being presented at these conferences because physiologically normoxic conditions in all these fields are at much lower oxygen tension (<5%) than ambient. So when cell culture and incubation are carried out at 21%, the cells are being blasted with oxygen that really prevents any sort of physiologically correct behavior at a cellular and sub cellular level. 

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HypOxygen Strengthens Resources

Dr Burga Kalz Fuller

HypOxygen announced on September 8th 2014, that Burga Kalz Fuller, PhD has joined the firm to further enhance their penetration of the HypOxystation hypoxic workstation and related products into the growing field of mammalian cell based hypoxia research.

Burga comes with a wealth of experience within the Life Sciences Industry, having spent the last ten years working with technology suppliers both in Europe and the United States where she was instrumental in the technical supervision of product and equipment development and marketing strategies.

Burga joins HypOxygen as Product Manager to continue HypOxygen's recent success in providing state of the art hypoxic workstations that lead the way in advancing scientific research and innovation.

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