Curiosis Cell-Logger Mini
Automated live cell imaging system

H155 HEPA Hypoxia Workstation

Live cell imaging analyzes cell changes by continuously observing cellular dynamics using time-lapse microscopy.

Cell-logger Mini is an automatic live cell imaging system based on bright-field microscopy. The system works reliably for extended periods inside a CO2 incubator or HypOxystation in order to reduce cell damage during studies. Auto-focus function produces sharp images and regular image capture allow researchers to observe cell morphology in real time. Cell-logger Mini’s technology can be used for various applications from cell-based research to biopharmaceutical development and production process.

With equipped XY stage, enables to use of 96 well plates and multiple points are available even in one plate. Also, because the XY stage covers two-dimensions, various well plates, dishes and flasks are avilable and even other types of vessels depending on the user. Z-stage makes focusing automatically on each point the user places. In addition, manual focus adjustment is avilable in 0.001, 0.01, 0.1 and 1 mm increments.

The compact size makes it straightforward to install and handle, so not complicated for maintenance and also for space utilization in incubators. In addition, the availability of multiple units has the advantage of using a sample comparison or a variety of samples.

The provided software allows the user to set the location that will be detected, scheduling to determine how long the test should be performed at which interval, and analysis function to observe the shape or change of cells through the stored images. Accurate diagnosis is possible because the change in termperature and humidity can be observed in real time, and there is a ruler that can measure the size of the cell with the distance in the vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions.

Key Features

  • Cell monitoring within CO2 incubator or HypOxystation
  • Various vessel types up to 96 well plate
  • Set multiple points in each well
  • Intuitive user software
  • Time-lapse image capture and video clip


  • Focusing : Auto
  • Magnification: 4x
  • Image size: High - 5MP | Normal: 1.25MP
  • Field of view: 1.3x1.0 mm
  • Exported formats: TIFF/JPEG/PNG/AVI
  • Dimensions (w/d/h mm): 195/306/220
  • Weight (lbs/kg): 771 / 350

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