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Bringing an unprecedented level of control to cell culture research.

About HypOxygen

The HypOxystation has been designed specifically for researchers requiring the ability to accurately control oxygen, temperature and humidity. Options are available for researchers to customize the system based on need:

HypOxygen is resolute in its mission to forge ahead with state of the art hypoxic workstations that lead the way in advancing research and innovation, while providing continued reliability for optimum results.

HypOxygen was founded to provide low oxygen workstation technology with the level of precision and accuracy necessary for scientific study and research.

We specialize in low oxygen workstations, gloveboxes, laboratory autoclaves and CO2 incubator equipment for scientists focusing on cell research applications requiring precise atmospheric conditions that can be accurately controlled.

Our 30 years of experience with atmosphere controlled workstations has provided the foundation for the development of superior technological advances in programmable gas controlled hypoxic workstations. The ability to replicate accurate and specific gas levels gives scientists the tools to perform research in conditions comparable with those found in vivo. Given the fragile and sensitive nature of most cell biology research, you can’t take any chances with lab equipment.

At HypOxygen, we pride ourselves on providing the finest cell research equipment available of the market. For critical research that demands the utmost attention and where the slightest variance can spell disaster, trust HypOxygen to protect your valuable research from beginning to end.

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