Hypoxystation H135 GMP

Hypoxystation H135 GMP

GMP workstation providing sterile laminar airflow and oxygen control down to 0.1%.
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Whitley Workstation H135 Laminar Flow Workstation

The H135 GMP Hypoxystation is the latest workstation to be added to the HypOxystation range, and is specifically designed to be used as a clean-air isolator in processes following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This new workstation provides Grade A air cleanliness (EU GMP) and combines sterile laminar airflow, positive operating pressure, and physical isolation, to provide highly effective product protection. Due to being a completely closed, re-circulating, isolator system, this workstation can be housed in a Grade D cleanroom during GMP compliant use.

The full-time environmental control offered by the H135 GMP Hypoxystation maximizes the reproducibility of the cell-manufacturing processes carried out inside. Further, the H135 GMP Hypoxystation is designed to be modular and can be combined in different ways to form a production line that ensures that the cell-culture environment is never broken from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process.

An optional HEPA Filtered Airlock is also available, which includes the incorporation of a H14 HEPA filter to ensure 100% reduction in airborne particulate in the airlock over the course of the cycle. This ensures Grade A particulate counts in the main chamber are not compromised.

Each workstation is tested by an independent organisation to ensure compliance with ISO 14644-3. In addition, tests carried out in our own laboratories confirm the integral HEPA filtered laminar flow system meets the requirements set out in BS EN 12469:2000 with regard to protection of the working area from particulate and microbial contamination.

The 17.5 litre airlock provides effective transfer for up to 10 x 500ml Duran bottles to and from the workstation in just 60 seconds. The patented oval glove ports provide maximum comfort when used over extended periods.

With internal working area dimensions of (w x d x h): 1075 x 587 x 608mm, there is a generous amount of working space inside the workstation chamber to house equipment such as large scale bioreactors and imaging systems.

If you need to aspirate biological liquid waste from inside the chamber, order with a Vacuum Take-off Port and the Whitley AsPROvac for the perfect package.

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Oxygen control between 20.9% and 0.1%

CO2 control between 0.0% and 15.0%

The GMP Workstation exceeds the requirements of Grade A air cleanliness (EU GMP) and ISO 14644-1 Class 3 both at rest and in operation.

HEPA filter face velocity/uniformity of laminar flow and Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) tests are carried out in accordance with ISO14644-3 to validate system integrity and performance. All tests are performed by an independent organization.

Whitley Intelligent Monitoring continually measures atmospheric down flow to ensure optimized filter performance.

‘Standby’ feature automatically decreases fan speed when the chamber is at rest to maximise energy efficiency.

H14 HEPA filtered airlock removes all particulate and stops any from entering the main workstation chamber

The large workstation chamber is perfect for accommodating a variety of items of equipment, which can be installed and removed via the removable front (fitted as standard).

A password protected full color touch screen interface allows easy monitoring of all parameters simultaneously. Alarms and status notices are also displayed.

This workstation is Ethernet-enabled for remote access review and control.

Range of possible decontamination protocols, including the use of vaporised hydrogen peroxide.
A fully automated dehumidification system is included as standard. It does not require any operator intervention.



Our custom-designed trolley frees up bench space and allows the chamber to be moved. The trolleys are built with high quality tubular steel and smooth rolling lockable wheels. They offer a sturdy and stable frame to support your use of our anaerobic and microaerophilic workstations.
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15cm Side Entry Letterbox
Ideal for quickly introducing small quanitites of samples and supplies

Spare Cable Gland
Used to accommodate a power or data cable without affecting the chamber conditions

Data Logging
Access temperature, humidity, chamber pressure and anaerobic conditions. Stores up to 30 days of system information, accessed via USB port.

Internal Storage Trays
Maximum 2 per unit

Whitley Enhanced Biological Containment System
Reduce the possibility of bacteria contained inside workstations being released via the main chamber exhaust valve and the airlock exhaust valve with additional HEPA filters fitted to these exhaust valves.

ULPA Filter Option
The ULPA filter upgrade option replaces the standard H14 HEPA filter with a higher specification U15 ULPA (Ultra-Low Particulate Air) filter. The standard H14 HEPA filter is better than 99.995% efficient at the most penetrating particle size (MPPS), and the upgraded U15 ULPA filter is better than 99.99995% efficient at the MPPS.

HEPA Filtered Airlock 
The optional HEPA Filtered Airlock includes the incorporation of a H14 HEPA filter to ensure 100% reduction in airborne particulate in the airlock over the course of a 2 minute cycle. This ensures Grade A particulate counts in the main chamber are not compromised.


Capacity (Liters) 900
Port Airlock Capacity 10 x 500ml Duran bottles
Airlock Size (liters) 17.50
Porthole System Manual
Gas Supplies CO2, N2, Air
Footswitch Wireless
Auto Sleeve Gassing Included
Internal Mains Sockets Included
Inspection Lamp Available
Data Logging Available
Airlock Cycle Time (seconds) 60
Extra Cable Glands Available
Automatic Dehumidifier Included
Removable Front Included
Trolley Available Included
CO2 Monitoring Included
Vacuum Take Off Available
O2 Profiling Available
HEPA As Standard
Dimensions (W/D/H mm) 1500 / 1130 / 1080
Weight (lbs/kgs) 649 / 295