BlueBlink Optical Oxygen Sensors


BlueBlink optical sensors for real-time, noninvasive and precise measurements of oxygen in gases and liquids

The sterile, disposable SENSING SPOT contains a fluorophore and is in contact with the gaseous or liquid medium to be measured, typically glued to the inner surface of a transparent wall. LED's in the OPTICAL READER generate the exciting light, and sensors capture the emitted fluorescent light. Time delay and intensity of the emitted light depend on the oxygen partial pressure; oxygen is not consumed.

Optical readers are controlled from the BlueBlink Software running on a PC, connected simply through an USB connection. No transmitter or optical fibers are needed, and the cable length can be up to 30 m. Up to 10 readers can be run independently though a single USB port and are identified through a user-provided ID number. The software provides continuous or single measurements, graph and data logging capabilities and automatic conversion of oxygen.

  • Optical measurement based on fluorescence quenching
  • Biocompatible, pre-sterilized, disposable fluorophore spots (spot size 15mm)
  • Oxygen range: 0-21% O2 (0-100% air)
  • Temperature range: 0-50˚C, non-condensing humidity
  • Resolution at 1% O2: 0.01%; accuracy 2.5% rel.
  • Versatile oxygen measurements in gas or liquids
  • Measure transparent multiwall plates, flasks, bottles, dishes…
  • Link up to 10 optical readers to one PC


Spot O21-ST-NC (10 units)

  • Analyte: gaseous and dissolved oxygen
  • Planar oxygen sensitive spot
  • Measurement range: 0-21% O2, 0-230 hPa, 0-16 mg/L
  • Resolution: 0.01% at 1% O2/0.1 hPa at 10 hPa
  • Resolution: 0.03% at 20.9% O2/0.3 hPa at 210 hPa
  • Accuracy: 2.5% rel.
  • Temperature range: 0-50°C
  • Sterile, non autoclavable
  • No cross-sensitivity with pH, CO2, H2S, SO2, ionic species
  • Not compatible with organic solvents or chlorine gas
  • Number of measurements per spot: ~104 (depends on temperature and oxygen concentration)
  • Calibration: two point calibration in oxygen-free environment (nitrogen, sodium sulfite) and air-saturated environment

Optical Reader U1

  • Optical system for the non-invasive measurement of gaseous and dissolved oxygen
  • Dimensions: 25 x 35 mm (diam. x length)
  • Compatible with high humidity (non-condensing) environments
  • Temperature range: 0-50°C
  • Transduction and processing of the signal entirely performed inside the optical unit
  • Connection to the PC and between optical readers through cable

BlueBlink 10 software

  • Software for the control of the optical readers
  • Allows for calibration, configuration and operation of up to 10 optical readers connected to the PC through the USB connection kit
  • Each optical reader can be operated independently
  • Modes of measurement: one-time, periodic - Datalogging and visualization options
  • Can work with the following oxygen units (partial pressure, saturation, concentration): hPa (mbar), mm Hg, % O2, mg/L (ppm)
  • Requirements: Windows 7 operating system or higher and .NET framework
  • A comprehensive user manual is supplied for future reference

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