TEB 1000
Carry out cell culture experiments under flow conditions.
flow culture bioreactor

Inner view of the TEB1000 chamber. Note the two integrated peristaltic pumping systems.

TEB1000 Flow Bioreactor Brochure

The TEB1000 bioreactor is conceived to allow the user to create experimental set-ups for cell culture under flow conditions. Moreover the temperature and gas concentration conditions required for cell grow and development, the TEB1000 incorporates two integrated peristaltic pumping systems which can be controlled independently. Up to twenty independent flow channels can be set-up in the TEB1000, notably improving the scalability of your experimental set-ups. All the control systems are fully integrated in the TEB1000 removing the need of using external devices, which results in cleaner, cheaper, easier-to-develop and more effective cultures.

The TEB1000 is available with CO2 control and O2 hypoxic conditions generation features. Moreover, it integrates all the machinery necessary to generate the appropriate environment for cell development including flow conditions for cell including:

  • Culture media flow pumping
  • Temperature control
  • CO2 concentration control
  • O2 concentration control

A culture chamber which holds your scaffold in the desired conditions together with other accessories like tubing or a medium reservoir, are the only things necessary to perform a cell culture experiment under flow conditions.

The fully integrated configuration of TEB1000 Master Unit is able to substitute a large number of equipments frequently used for cell culture in Tissue Engineering, like a CO2 incubators, peristaltic pumps and heaters, since it integrates all their capabilities, allowing a wide variety of experimental set-ups including:

  • Multiple simultaneous experiments
  • Controlled flow profiles for cell stimulation experiments
  • Experiments under hypoxic conditions

The table below shows the main technical specifications of the EBERS TEB1000 bioreactor.

Temperature control
Temperature range Room temperature +4 to +50 ºC
Control ± 0.1 ºC
Stability ± 0.1 ºC
Uniformity ≤±0.3 ºC
CO2 control
Range 0.2-20%
Stability ± 0.1 ºC
Service pressure 0.35 bar
Recuperation (up to 90% of preset value) 0.7 %/min
O2 control (Optional)
Range 1-19%
Service pressure 1 bar
Pumping system
Number of pumps Two independent subsystems with electric engines and electronics located outside the internal chamber of the Master Unit, to avoid overheating, reduce the risk of contamination and increase useful volume
Number of pumpheads Up to 2 pumpheads can be used with each subsystem (4 pumpheads in total)
Compatibility High flow (HF) and Low flow (LF) pumpheads
HF Pumphead
  • 1 channel pumphead
  • Flow rate: 0.1 to 400 ml/min
LF Pumphead
  • 5 channel pumphead
  • Flow rate: 0.003 to 33 ml/min
Number of channels per pumphead
  • HF pumphead: 1 channel/pumphead
  • LF pumphead: 5 channel/pumphead
Digital control of flow conditions by means of touchscreen
  • Real time electronic flow rate control
  • Automatic graph of pump rotation speed
  • Independent control of each subsystem
  • Pre-configured flow profiles
  • Possibility of introducing user-defined complex flow protocols
  • Flow direction can be alternated
  • Pulsatile flow (regulation of frequency and amplitude)
  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface
  • Special flow control module for alternative dynamic perfusion
Power supply and consumption
Power supply 110-220 V, 50-60 Hz, IEC 14 power cord
Nominal power 1800 W
External dimensions [W x D x H] 686 x 803 x 848 mm
Internal dimensions [W x D x H] 540 x 451 x 693 mm
Weight 120 kg
flow culture bioreactorflow culture bioreactorflow culture bioreactor