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IQ-OQ Calibrations Service Contracts
Service Department - Hypoxygen

HypOxygen offers installation, validation, service contracts, and repair services for all of our HypOxystation units. Our staff of factory trained technicians has the expertise to provide on-site service as well as repair solutions at our facility. We can provide cost effective service solutions designed to meet your needs.

Service Advantage

Benefits of HypOxygen Services:

  • Cost effective on-site service contracts
  • Professional installation to ensure safe and smooth functioning
  • Equipment training on use and daily/monthly user maintenance following installation
  • Preventive Maintenance service and contracts
  • Time and material service visits if equipment is not under a service contract
  • In-house service and repairs
  • Ongoing no-cost technical support services for the life of equipment ownership

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Do not hesitate to contact us if your equipment requires installation, maintenance, validation, or servicing. 



What is IQ/OQ?

The IQ/OQ process is based on a dynamic document that is tailored to meet the needs of each specific customer. The IQ section addresses the needs of the instrument in relation to power, ordered options and appropriate connection to gas supplies.  The OQ section covers the onsite calibration of temperature and pressure and includes a spatial mapping of the workstation.  The document is prepared by HypOxygen and approved by the customer prior to completing the qualification services.


Calibration Services

Why is calibration important?

The accuracy of all measuring devices degrade over time with normal routine use. The hypoxia workstations we offer require regular end user calibration of the oxygen cell as it degrades with use.  The oxygen cell and CO2 sensor require replacement on a biannual basis.  During the preventive maintenance visit the gas flows are calibrated and set, sensors are calibrated and the temperature offset is check to ensure proper functioning of the workstation.



Service Contracts

Our factory trained service engineers have the skills, qualifications and experience to properly deliver your lab’s instrument services. As an industry leader in providing state of the art laboratory automation and servicing of equipment, we have the expertise to consolidate all your service needs into one single, convenient agreement.

We know the importance of budgeting and planning ahead, so we grouped comprehensive types of laboratory maintenance and support into our various service plans. With a solution for every service that you might need, and to protect your lab against the unknown, our service plans let you choose the service level that meets your needs, goals and budget.


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