Flow Chip

The Physiochip family comprises several microfluidic based culture chambers which aim to create cell and tissue culture environments that resemble the in-vivo conditions.

Flow Chip

The Flow Chip is a cell culture chamber optimized for the execution of cell-based assays under flow conditions. It is especially suited for the in vitro simulation of physiological environments involving flow and shear stress mechanical stimulation. Excellent cell culture conditions allow for live imaging of cell behavior in long-term experiments in three independent channels.


  • 3 parallel assays per chip
  • Optimized chip holder for easy manipulation
  • Coverslip-like bottom compatible with high-end microscopy
  • Optimal cell attachment
  • Fully integrated solution – pumping systems and accessories available
  • Small volume – minimal amount of medium and supplement

Cell culture under flow conditions

Flow-derived mechanical stimulation controls fundamental biological processes. Cell behavior such as differentiation, proliferation, migration and adhesion is in vivo impacted by shear stress mechanical stimulation. Cultivation of adherent cells under perfusion reflects their physiologic environment more closely than traditional static conditions. In the Flow Chip cells are injected and seeded on the bottom of channels. Controlled levels of shear stress are generated by the perfusion of culture media through these channels.

Multichannel chamber for optimal imaging

Each chip has three channels that can be operated independently and possess a reduced volume, minimizing the amount of medium and supplement required for the experiment. The chamber integrates a coverslip-like bottom for low and high magnification microscopy and is specially suited for long-term in vivo cell imaging.

Simple experimental setup

The chip is encapsulated in a holder that facilitates its manipulation, allows for simple one-step cell injection and provides easy connection of tubing to access ports as well as a bubble free environment.


  • Live cell imaging under flow-derived shear stress
  • Rolling and adhesion
  • Mimicking flow conditions in blood vessels
  • Long-term culture under mechanical stimulation of adherent cells
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Flow Chip

HUVEC cells cultured under flow conditions (15 dyne/ClTf ) for 2 days in the Flow Chip system

Flow Chip
Flow Chip